Although engineers and nurses certainly make the list of hardest jobs to fill, according to ManpowerGroup, the number one spot for hardest to fill jobs is taken by skilled trades- plumbers, electricians, welders etc.

Skilled Trades vacancies ar the hardest jobs to fill for the sixth consecutive year in the U.S. and the fourth consecutive year globally.

Among surveyed U.S. Businesses, 48% acknowledge that skilled talent shortages have a medium to high negative impact on their business. Only 22% feel that the skilled talent shortages are not affecting their businesses. Of the affected businesses 43% expect a reduced ability to serve client needs, 41% expect reduced competitiveness/productivity, and 32% expect an increase in employee turnover.

Reasons for Difficulty Filling Jobs

  • Lack of Available Applicants/ No Applicants (33%)
  • Lack of Experience (19%)
  • Lack of Technical Competencies (17%)
  • Industry Specific Qualifications/ Certifications (14%)
  • Lack of Workplace Competencies (11%)
  • Looking for More Pay than is Offered (10%)

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